Buffet Crampon’s PlayWind App

Last summer, we had the opportunity to shoot video for an exciting project by world-renown instrument maker, Buffet Crampon. They were working on a next-generation app, PlayWind, which has since been released and is now available for all smart devices (check it out here). The app provides clarinet and saxophone students with a wealth of resources to enhance their musicianship, including video tutorials, workshops and masterclasses by world-class musicians.

Each summer, Buffet Crampon USA (headquartered in Jacksonville, FL, with manufacturing facilities in France and Germany) hosts its annual Summer Clarinet Academy at UNF for highly skilled students seeking professional music careers. The faculty members for the 2016 academy included André Moisan (Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal), J. Lawrie Bloom (Chicago Symphony Orchestra), Pascual Martinez Forteza (New York Philharmonic), Mark Nuccio (Houston Symphony Orchestra), and Ixi Chen (Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra).  The students engaged in a full schedule of interactive instruction with the faculty, group and solo performances, and training in instrument repair and maintenance.

Instrument Maintenance & Repair video for the app.

Buffet Crampon needed video of the masterclasses, instrument maintenance, workshops and faculty performances to develop the app. So they contracted us to document the sessions and deliver the raw footage to their video editors in Paris, France. While we were on-site at UNF during the Academy, it was fascinating to see how varied each instructor’s approach to and execution of the technical and artistic components of the instrument was compared to the next instructor’s, and it quickly became apparent just how valuable this resource would be to students.


Andre Moisan giving a clarinet masterclass.

The idea behind the app is to give students access to a wide range of perspectives and approaches to playing from top level professionals in one convenient, curated and accessible location, and to give students a chance to learn based on their preferred instructional and playing styles. PlayWind provides great value to any dedicated student with the desire to perfect their skills and hone their musicianship.

Rex & Jessie filming a workshop.

Being an integral part of and contributing to these types of innovative projects from industry-leading companies like Buffet Crampon is gratifying in so many ways. Buffet Crampon USA is illuminating the future for the arts here in Jacksonville and worldwide. We are proud of our part in furthering their mission.

If you are interested in reading more about Buffet Crampon’s innovative approach to music education, check out this recent Jacksonville Business Journal article: http://www.bizjournals.com/jacksonville/news/2017/06/08/embracing-technology-jacksonville-company-looks-to.html.

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