Amazon logo with Jacksonville skyline

Amazon’s New Jacksonville Fulfillment Center

Amazon’s Jax 2 Fulfillment Center

A few weeks ago we shot web video for Amazon at the new fulfillment center (dubbed Jax 2) here in Jacksonville. It is a massive facility (over 800,000 square feet!) and is adding an estimated 1,500 new full-time jobs to the Jacksonville economy, which is a pretty cool thing for our city. Amazon was holding an employee training event which we documented, along with capturing aerial footage of the new facility.

The training event had a fun and celebratory atmosphere, where new employees were each greeted individually by the Amazon leadership team and welcomed to the facility with fanfare, as well as given pertinent information about the facility and their roles within the company. It was really cool to see such a big company putting that much effort into making their new employees feel important and welcome. Orientation for all of the jobs I have ever held were purely technical, get-the-paperwork-signed affairs, so it was awesome to see the high standard Amazon sets for employee morale.

Another impressive aspect of Amazon’s commitment to its workers’ success is their practice of encouraging and assisting their employees to move up in the company to career-level positions, even helping to pay for training and courses to pursue those careers both inside Amazon and out.

It was a pleasure to document this event along with Deremer Studios photography and we are looking forward to some more projects with Amazon coming up in the near future!

Born in Albuquerque, now living in Jacksonville as Executive Producer at Drawn In Media.

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