I-295 & JTB Turbine Interchange | Jacksonville Video Production | FAA Licensed Drone Pilot

Jacksonville Florida is a city rich with history, art, and engineering marvels.  The I-295 to SR 202 (JTB) Turbine Interchange is one of the many engineered masterpieces found in this large metropolis.

You wouldn’t guess by driving on this structure that from above it takes on a perfectly symmetrical set of rings reminiscent of the Auryn (“Do what you wish”) symbol from the Never Ending Story. This type of interchange is referred to by engineers as a Turbine Interchange and is a beautiful marriage of form and function. This interchange design was chosen to smooth the flow of traffic from I-295 and SR 202 (JTB) because though Turbine interchanges require a large area of land to construct, they actually cost less to build and maintain and can carry great amounts of traffic smoothly.

Construction began in 2007 and opened to the public in 2008 at a cost of $80 million dollars. This type of interchange is a rarity due to a large amount of land area necessary to build properly. The interchange is considered one of the finest examples of a turbine interchange in the world, earning it a spot on Huffington Post’s “Stunning Aerial Images List” in 2014.

Equipment Used:

DJI Phantom 4 Pro
Sandisk 128gb Micro SD Card
Ipad Pro
Sun Shade
Range Extenders
Star Wars Lanyard

Rex was born in Chicago and grew up in Miami. He graduated from a small Military Academy in SC where he learned leadership skills, integrity, made life-long friends and even earned a private pilots license. After high school, he graduated from Jacksonville University, earning his degree in Music Composition with a concentration in Music Theory. After an 8 year career in public education, he decided to pursue his dream of filmmaking with the loving support of his wife. Since 2010, Rex and his wife, Jessie, have owned and operated Drawn In Media, filming weddings, live events, producing commercials, and collaborating with other studios to produce visual media.

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