Lasik Plus Pre and Post Op Instructional Videos

Lasik spent some time looking for a quality video production company to create pre- and post-op instruction videos with the goal of helping their patients prepare for the patented Lasik procedure, as well as maintain proper post-operation procedures to aid recovery. The criteria necessary to complete the task was a local, knowledgeable, experienced, and professional crew capable of lighting, filming, audio recording, and editing a series of videos that clearly demonstrated the proper techniques to prepare for and recover from operational procedures in an easy-to-understand format.

We met with Dr. Alban to discuss the steps the patients must follow to complete the process. From there, we planned all of our shots and dialogue and then scheduled dates and times to film. Dr. Alban, Dr. Ortiz and the staff of the facility here were a pleasure to work with and greatly appreciated our attention to detail. In fact, one of the crew members on the project was a previous patient that enjoys improved vision to this day.  After the shoot, we edited 5 separate videos for Lasik Plus that they use time and time again to prepare their patients and make sure they maintain the best post-op procedure to a quick and happy recovery.

Educational Web Video

One of the most efficient ways to deliver a consistent message to customers is video. This series of web videos we produced for Lasik Plus were designed to deliver a consistent message to patients pre and post operation. This approach also allows the customer to instantly recall medical information they may have missed or forgotten before and after their surgical procedure. These medical web videos also allow the physicians to focus on the patient’s medical needs rather than having to take time to repeat information over and over again.

Equipment Used:

Canon 7D MKII:
Atomos Ninja:
sandisk 256gb SSD:
Sandisk 64gb SD:
Sandisk 32bg CF:
Canon 70-200:
Canon 50:
Sigma 15:
DJI Phantom 4 Pro:
Sandisk 128gb Micro SD:
Ipad Pro:
DJI Ronin M:
DJI Osmo:
Manfrotto Tripods:
Manfrotto Monopod:

Walkie Talkie:
Kenwood XLS Pro:
Clear Surveillance Ear Piece:

Dedo DHL4:
Impact Air Cusioned Stands:
5bls Sand Bags:
Panasonic Bulbs:

Shure Super 55:
On Stage Rocker Lug Mic Stand:
Mogami XLR Cables:
Sony Wireless UWP:
Whirlwind IMP 2:1 Splitter:
XLR to 1/4 Female:
XLR to 1/4 Male:
Zoom H4n Pro:
Sandisk 32gb SD Card:
Amazon AA Batteries:
Rode Video Mic Pro:
Rode Smart Lav +:
Rode SC3 Adapter:
Sony Digital Recorder:

Rex was born in Chicago and grew up in Miami. He graduated from a small Military Academy in SC where he learned leadership skills, integrity, made life-long friends and even earned a private pilots license. After high school, he graduated from Jacksonville University, earning his degree in Music Composition with a concentration in Music Theory. After an 8 year career in public education, he decided to pursue his dream of filmmaking with the loving support of his wife. Since 2010, Rex and his wife, Jessie, have owned and operated Drawn In Media, filming weddings, live events, producing commercials, and collaborating with other studios to produce visual media.

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