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Free Business Development Program

Jax Bridges is a unique program offered by the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce. The program is designed to help small and medium businesses grow and prosper through education and pragmatic exercises in professional and entrepreneurial development. The program focuses on businesses developing efficient business models, value propositions, capability statements, vertical markets, resource management, and capital access.

Business Development

We participated in the 2017 session of Jax Bridges and learned valuable business development practices that helped us plan and grow our business. The program really gave our business a competitive edge in the market by providing a platform to connect with other businesses seeking our services.

One instant plus of the program is that all of the participants are entrepreneurs and business owners, so there are many connections to be made within the program to help grow your business.

This program is by far the best way to learn practical business etiquette and growth methods. Every municipal chamber of commerce should offer this type of program to build and support small to medium businesses in their respective communities.


This promotional web video was Conceived, Directed, Produced and Scripted by Drawn In Media to help the Jax Chamber expose there message and mission to the business community in Jacksonville and North East Florida. The Chamber is dedicated to entrepreneurial growth and sustainability in the first coast. Contact us today to discuss how Drawn In Media can help you deliver a succinct message to your audience and grow your business and brand.

Equipment Used:

Canon 7D MKII: amzn.to/2s6iJQa
Atomos Ninja: amzn.to/2sMG2wd
sandisk 256gb SSD: amzn.to/2sMNJmk
Sandisk 64gb SD: amzn.to/2r424Jx
Sandisk 32bg CF: amzn.to/2r4bmFF
Canon 70-200: amzn.to/2rfsk2Z
Canon 50: amzn.to/2r4jGVR
Sigma 15: amzn.to/2sMF17u
DJI Phantom 4 Pro: amzn.to/2sd2Jgh
Sandisk 128gb Micro SD: amzn.to/2s6sNst
Ipad Pro: amzn.to/2sMBB4M
DJI Ronin M: amzn.to/2sMrfBC
DJI Osmo: amzn.to/2r4nXZn
Manfrotto Tripods: amzn.to/2r4arVJ
Manfrotto Monopod: amzn.to/2sMH1MT

Walkie Talkie:
Kenwood XLS Pro: amzn.to/2rfn937
Clear Surveillance Ear Piece: amzn.to/2rfU1c4

Dedo DHL4: amzn.to/2r4bCo7
Impact Air Cusioned Stands: amzn.to/2r4bFjN
5bls Sand Bags: amzn.to/2rVDNGS
Panasonic Bulbs: amzn.to/2s6qBkM

Shure Super 55: amzn.to/2snyXFh
On Stage Rocker Lug Mic Stand: amzn.to/2sMmhoI
Mogami XLR Cables: amzn.to/2s6PPQ1
Sony Wireless UWP: amzn.to/2s6Apv9
Whirlwind IMP 2:1 Splitter: amzn.to/2sd316I
XLR to 1/4 Female: amzn.to/2s6kQDA
XLR to 1/4 Male: amzn.to/2r3ZBz7
Zoom H4n Pro: amzn.to/2sMNsjk
Sandisk 32gb SD Card: amzn.to/2s6NHri
Amazon AA Batteries: amzn.to/2sdfwPJ
Rode Video Mic Pro: amzn.to/2tkcO7E
Rode Smart Lav +: amzn.to/2r3UFKA
Rode SC3 Adapter: amzn.to/2r4ubsh
Sony Digital Recorder: amzn.to/2r43hAz

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Rex was born in Chicago and grew up in Miami. He graduated from a small Military Academy in SC where he learned leadership skills, integrity, made life-long friends and even earned a private pilots license. After high school, he graduated from Jacksonville University, earning his degree in Music Composition with a concentration in Music Theory. After an 8 year career in public education, he decided to pursue his dream of filmmaking with the loving support of his wife. Since 2010, Rex and his wife, Jessie, have owned and operated Drawn In Media, filming weddings, live events, producing commercials, and collaborating with other studios to produce visual media.

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