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A Beginners Guide: Recommended Gear to Video or Film A Wedding

Where to Begin?

What gear do I need to film a wedding? A simple enough question that requires a rather long, detailed, and complex set of answers. I will try my best to make it simple and get to the meat of the necessary gear in the following paragraphs. The essential thing you need is a video camera and a tripod. But, don’t forget about audio. You can’t expect to get good audio if you are recording a ceremony or toast from just the on camera microphone. And what if you need to suddenly move your camera to another spot? A tripod is meant to stay put, but during a wedding reception, events take place in different locations. And wedding receptions are dark too: you are going to need lights.

Where do you start? What camera should you get? What is the best way to capture audio? All these questions and issues will be addressed in the next few paragraphs, followed by a ┬ácomplete list of the gear (with links) I use to film weddings, live events, and even studio productions. So, let’s begin.

Basic gear required to film a wedding.

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