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Format Extinction? Time To Go Full Digital…Mediazilla

For Wedding and Event Filmmakers, physical media such as DVDs, Bluray discs, and Solid State drives are dying; and they are no longer the viable secure way to deliver the final product to the customer. Just like Photo Film gave way to Digital in 2005, so to must Video Discs; it’s long over due. Not to ruffle photographers feathers, I believe beautiful pictures are meant to be hung on walls and displayed as art because that is exactly what they are. But, motion pictures are a digital medium best appreciated on a large screen complimented by a good audio system. Digital delivery is replacing physical formats, and it should because it’s literally indestructible, can be viewed anywhere, can be easily shared or transported, and will never degrade over time. It’s time to start delivering your videos on a new platform called: Mediazilla

DVD and green t-rex dinosaur with red rubber extinct stamp.

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