Total Solar Eclipse | August 21, 2017 | Gaston South Carolina

The Great American Total Eclipse

This year, North America was treated to a rare event: a total solar eclipse starting in Oregon, crossing the great plains and then ending over South Carolina. The Moon’s shadow swept over the contiguous US with an average speed of one thousand miles per hour. The eclipse took place over a period of four hours and lasted only one to two-and-a-half minutes in certain areas along its 73-mile wide path of totality. Though much of the country experienced a partial eclipse, only those within the path of totality experienced a total eclipse. My wife and I decided to make the trip to South Carolina (the closest point of totality for us) with our friends from Deremer Studios, who planned to photograph the event from start to finish. Not to be outdone, we brought our film equipment too.

Watch the video at the end of the article to view our trip from start to finish and our experience of totality.

Baily's Beads at the very beginning of the Total Solar Eclipse 2017
Bailey’s Beads happen at the very beginning of a total eclipse. The phenomena is named after Francis Baily who first provided an exact explanation of the phenomenon in 1836. Moments before the Moon eclipses the Sun you will see the last bits of Sun light passing between the peaks and valley’s of the lunar service creating short lived beads of light.

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I-295 & JTB Turbine Interchange | Jacksonville Video Production | FAA Licensed Drone Pilot

Jacksonville Florida is a city rich with history, art, and engineering marvels.  The I-295 to SR 202 (JTB) Turbine Interchange is one of the many engineered masterpieces found in this large metropolis.

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Lasik Plus Pre and Post Op Instructional Videos

Lasik spent some time looking for a quality video production company to create pre- and post-op instruction videos with the goal of helping their patients prepare for the patented Lasik procedure, as well as maintain proper post-operation procedures to aid recovery. The criteria necessary to complete the task was a local, knowledgeable, experienced, and professional crew capable of lighting, filming, audio recording, and editing a series of videos that clearly demonstrated the proper techniques to prepare for and recover from operational procedures in an easy-to-understand format.

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Jax Chamber | Jax Bridges Commercial | Jacksonville Video Production

Jax Bridges is a unique program offered by the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce. The program is designed to help small and medium businesses grow and prosper through education and pragmatic exercises in professional and entrepreneurial development. The program focuses on businesses developing efficient business models, value propositions, capability statements, vertical markets, resource management, and capital access.

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A Beginners Guide: Recommended Gear to Video or Film A Wedding

Where to Begin?

What gear do I need to film a wedding? A simple enough question that requires a rather long, detailed, and complex set of answers. I will try my best to make it simple and get to the meat of the necessary gear in the following paragraphs. The essential thing you need is a video camera and a tripod. But, don’t forget about audio. You can’t expect to get good audio if you are recording a ceremony or toast from just the on camera microphone. And what if you need to suddenly move your camera to another spot? A tripod is meant to stay put, but during a wedding reception, events take place in different locations. And wedding receptions are dark too: you are going to need lights.

Where do you start? What camera should you get? What is the best way to capture audio? All these questions and issues will be addressed in the next few paragraphs, followed by a  complete list of the gear (with links) I use to film weddings, live events, and even studio productions. So, let’s begin.

Basic gear required to film a wedding.

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Buffet Crampon’s PlayWind App

Last summer, we had the opportunity to shoot video for an exciting project by world-renown instrument maker, Buffet Crampon. They were working on a next-generation app, PlayWind, which has since been released and is now available for all smart devices (check it out here). The app provides clarinet and saxophone students with a wealth of resources to enhance their musicianship, including video tutorials, workshops and masterclasses by world-class musicians.

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Bobby & Krysta Wedding Video | Epping Forest Yacht Club Wedding | Jacksonville Wedding Videographer

Congratulations to Bobby and Krysta on their beautiful wedding at St. John The Divine with reception at Epping Forest Yacht Club. It was a honor to be chosen to produce their wedding video. Thanks to Nancy from Soiree events for making the day go on without a hitch. It was great a pleasure to work with Bobby and Krysta, two special and kind people that new each other since childhood. And it was wonderful to work with such a talented set of vendors who made the day perfect. Thanks to: Brooke Images Photography, Soriee Events, The Party Band, and Epping Forest Yacht Club.

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Format Extinction? Time To Go Full Digital…Mediazilla

For Wedding and Event Filmmakers, physical media such as DVDs, Bluray discs, and Solid State drives are dying; and they are no longer the viable secure way to deliver the final product to the customer. Just like Photo Film gave way to Digital in 2005, so to must Video Discs; it’s long over due. Not to ruffle photographers feathers, I believe beautiful pictures are meant to be hung on walls and displayed as art because that is exactly what they are. But, motion pictures are a digital medium best appreciated on a large screen complimented by a good audio system. Digital delivery is replacing physical formats, and it should because it’s literally indestructible, can be viewed anywhere, can be easily shared or transported, and will never degrade over time. It’s time to start delivering your videos on a new platform called: Mediazilla

DVD and green t-rex dinosaur with red rubber extinct stamp.

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How To: Best Microphone Setup for Wedding Toasts

One of the most difficult and important parts of a wedding to film are the toasts,  the time when a few special guests get to congratulate and wish the couple well. During this time, wedding filmmakers capture what will help create a compelling wedding film that the couple can enjoy in perpetuity.

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Kristen & Paul Wedding Video | The White Room Wedding | St. Augustine Videographer

Congratulations to Kristen & Paul on their beautiful St. Augustine Wedding. The day started at the with the ladies getting Hair & Make up by Paulina Perez at the Historic Bella Bay Inn. The guys prepared at Casa Monica Hotel. The ceremony was held at the Cathedral Basilica St. Augustine. Followed by a elegant reception at the OC White Room MC’d by DJ Jacob Towe. It was a pleasure working with Jessica Stout Photography

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